The Shack

Your walking in the forest and stumble upon an old rusted hatch door. You wipe the moss off the door and it says “don’t open”, from the other side of the door you hear a young female voice ask “is anyone there?” You answer “yes, why are you in there?” No answer. You ask again, “hello, why are you in there?” Now your nervous not just for yourself but for the girl you swore you heard. You stand there waitng, debating weather your crazy or just insane. Then you hear her, this time she sounds hurt almost as if in these few minutes something had happened to her. She’s calling for help, no, yelling for help. You put your hand on the door about to open it and see the sign again. You hesitate and think to yourself, “what is in there that is hurting this little girl and shouldn’t be let out.” You hear her scream even louder and don’t even think about what you’ve done until it’s too late. You opened the door which is now closed behind you. It’s dark in there but not too dark where your not able to see anything. It’s odd though, very odd. The shed was small outside and now it’s huge on the inside. You walk forward slowly making sure to stay close to the door. Your about to call out to the girl but she beats you to it with a loud high pitched scream. You run towards the scream as fast as you can and get to the door it’s coming from. Before you can open the door though the screaming stops, you panic and kick the door open expecting to see the girl dead, boy were you wrong. When you walk in the girl isn’t dead in fact she’s not even hurt, but it’s not just her there’s another girl with her too. They look identical, both wearing white dresses that come down to their knees with lace around the arm, neck, and bottom holes of the dresses. Both of them wear their hair down with a little white bow in it. The hair is brown and curly that comes down to the waist. They’re both very pale skinned and look about 8 years old. They both have a piece of baby doll in their hands, one with the head and one with rhe body. They both slow turn their heads to look at you. The one with the head says to you, “this wouldn’t have happened if you got here faster.” Her voice had a sing song kind of sound to it and was light and soft. Now your really thinking if there isn’t an animal in here hurting them why isn’t anyone supposed to enter. The little girl with the body of the  baby doll in her hand throws thw body on thw floor and says, “this was our only toy, now you’ll have to play with us.” They both start walking towards you so you do the only logical thing you could  do and run, run as fast as you can to the door you entered in. While your running they speak to you saying, “cone play with us.” “We’ll  be best friends forever and ever and ever.” You find the door and sigh in relief but it’s locked. You bang your fist on it screaming and pushung and pulling with all your might. The only problem is its too late cause you felt a hand grab you and you scream. As your screaming you hear a familiar voice and you open your eyes, it’s your mother! She tells you, “honey wake up your having a bad dream, I told you not to eat all that candy tonight.” You laugh hug your mom, and say while reaching for a piece of candy, “it was worth it because candy is delicious haha.”


Hi, Thank you for checking out my blog. This is the first story I’ve ever posted on here which is a little different from my poems, but I had to something for Halloween. I would love your feedback and if you javelin any suggestions on how you belive the story should have ended feel free to comment below because I would love to hear what you have to say. Thankyou have a great day. Happy Halloween!👻👻👻


My darkest hour needs a moon

Everyone wants to be the sun to light up the world and always have fun. Not me though, I want to be the moon to shine bright during the night and to give you light in your darkest hour. Because the sun may bloom you into a flower but the moon provides light in your darkest hour

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog hoped you like the poem. I wrote this poem one night sitting in my bedroom. I was sad and crying and thought to myself why is it that when I’m happy there’s always someone there for me, but when I’m sad it’s like I’m all alone. For me I want people to know that I’m there for then when they think there alone and that I want to be their moon. I decided to post this picture in dedication to the beautiful full moon outside tonight and most of all to my sisters wedding. It was a beautiful night and the moon shined almost as bright as she did. Thank you guys for checking out my poem I hoped you liked it. I would really love some feedback so if you have any please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


My Wish 

I wish you could see how much you’ve hurt me and that all of my pain is driving me insane I wish you were here to comfort and hold and to keep me from the cold I wish you could hear all the crying I’ve done and see how numb I’ve become I’m sorry to say I can’t break away I’ll love you forever no matter wherever 

Thanks for taking time to read and check out my blog hoped you enjoy the poem. I thought I would let you know what my poem represents. For me this poem represents loss I lost my grandma about 9 years ago and my grandpa about 5 years ago in august. The poem talks about how they hurt me which in a way they did cause I wish they were here. It also talks about how I’m sorry that I can’t let go but that no matter what I will always love them no matter where they are. The poem could have a different meaning to you so let me know what you think in the comments thank you have a nice day 

New Moon

People don’t talk and they watch you like a hawk

they cut you down but they don’t care if you frown

people don’t seem to care that your there

you try to be strong but everything feels wrong

your whole world has been turned upside down

but all you want to do is drown

you try try try but all you do is cry

but then you find him and every things not so dim

he makes you smile

and you were sad that you were gone for awhile

but now your back and so is he

which is great cause now your free

you’ll still feel pain but you’ll stay sane

Thank you for checking out my blog and taking time to read my poems. I hoped you liked it. So I thought I would tell you a little about this poem. Sometimes when I read I find inspiration from books because for me when I read I really think about what I’m reading and the meaning behind the words. So I was reading the twilight saga: new moon when I got the inspiration for this poem. As I was writing I realized this poem has a triple meaning to me. The first meaning would be Bella and Jacob when Edward leaves Bella and after a few months she starts hanging out with Jacob and is happy again but is still hurt. the second meaning is after everything happened to Bella when she finds Edward again she is also very happy and is still hurt because she still doubts his love for her but she knows she’ll be fine. The third meaning is someone who found their way back to god and even though the past hurts they’ll make it through life just fine with god by their side.


Definition of a Teen

Why grow up why can’t I stay a pup.

I’m always excited and mostly delighted.

I don’t want to fear what is already here.

I don’t want to hear what they have to say,

because I know it won’t go away.

When your a kid it never mattered what they did.

Now I’m easily broken and always unspoken.

That’s the definition of what I’ve seen,

and that my friends is called a teen.


I like to tell a little about what this poem is about. It’s about teens, I know the ending might not make quite a lot of since. If you really think about it though it does. That might not be the definition of a teen but that’s what a lot of teens think about. They’re scared of what other teens think. We’ve all at one point wished we were kids again. Well this poem shows that teens are afraid of growing up, and what other kids will think of them. It also shows that teens miss being kids where they didn’t worry about what they looked like and what other people said. When you were a kid there was this nursery rhyme that went. “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” when your a teen you realize that words due hurt sometimes even worse. I would love to hear what the poem meant or what you saw in the poem. Thanks for checking out my blog and for taking time to read it.


Trees and leaves hide me

Invisible I might seem

Great and mighty is my roar

Everyday I hunt and want more

Running as fast as I can from the danger that I am


I thought  would share a little bit about this poem. I have been struggling with writing, every poem I write I think is bad. I was on Pinterest looking up topics to write about. I came across this bird poem. The first letter of every sentence once combined spelled a word. It spelled bird, I thought that was cool. I thought I should try it and I couldn’t come up with anything but then it came to me. I would write about a tiger, the only problem was a lot of my poems I write have to mean something to me. I can’t just write about something unless there is meaning behind it.  While I was typing out the poem I realized that there is meaning behind this poem. People can be like tigers our everyday tasks can hide us, we can feel invisible sometimes, we are powerful. We also hunt for things to do, we start something but when finished get bored and want more, and we run from ourselves sometimes because we’re afraid of what we might see. I know tigers don’t exactly do that but they do run from each other sometimes and that’s what we do. Thanks for checking out my blog if you see my poem in a different perspective feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.

A Writer’s Poem

Hi thanks for checking out my blog hope you like the poem.

When I write I feel free, as free as I can be

you might say I’m weird, which I admit I feared

but when I write its like a whole new world

everything’s all swirled and whirled

there is pain and there is sorrow

the sun will come out tomorrow

but I love to write and you may

even say its like flying a kite

the words blow across the page

while they set the stage

you direct the movie in your mind

because its not always hard to find

and that’s why I love to write

because it’s like a bright new sight

First blog post

Hi this is T.B. Welcome to my blog, thanks for checking it out. I want to take this time to give you an idea of why I started this blog. I love to read and write. Most people say I overthink things and I admit I do sometimes. Although I think the correct word that should be used is overactive imagination. I love to write poetry, and short stories, but both have different meanings. My poetry is more about life and what I feel or think about it. My writing on the other hand is more about fictional things. The fictional stories I write can either be about a regular teenage girl or about all types of mysteries. Now that you know what my writings about I thought I would give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.  This poem’s called, The outcome of fear.

“If you fear the darkness lurking behind you

you’ll miss the beauty standing in front of you”

I know it’s not much and it’s more like a quote, but I thought I would start off small. Leave some feedback about  what you think, thanks have a nice day.